Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Back to the West Coast

Long time no blog. Because I'm great at timing, not long after I moved in, I moved again to London for a year. I'm home for the summer, working from home and enjoying the LA sun once again.

First line of business: Santa Monica Farmer's Market. I had developed an obsession with Greek salad, so my entire goal was to taste every tomato and pepper offered up to find the perfect combo.

And so the haul...
  • Celebrity tomatoes
  • Assorted bell peppers
  • Salad cucumbers
  • Organic basil plant
  • Organic lemon thyme plant
  • 1/2 of salad greens
I picked up some beautiful Feta from Andrew's Cheese Shop (not displayed - just ask! Makes me wonder what other great cheese are hidden behind the counter there) and a whole grain loaf from La Brea Bakery. I forgot how delicious this bread was.

Simple and clean ingredients, absolutely perfect for a sunny warm day.

Nothing like the comforts of home.