Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sharp Knives and Chinese Markets

I have been living out here for about 3 weeks now, and I have been cooking with a butter knife. I kid you not.

Additionally, my craving for real Chinese food was acting up - I've barely had ANY Chinese food out here since I moved out - WHAAA?

After I practically ransack the grocery store for all my Chinese staples at my local 99 Ranch Market, which is located in Van Nuys, I battled traffic all the way down to get me some knives. Because nothing is more frustrating than having food and not knowing how you're going to prepare any of it cause the butter knife ain't gonna cut through that galbi.

So I dropped by my neighborhood Williams Sonoma. I've been staring at these Shun Kaji knives for some time now. For me, they're just the best grip and weight. The Shun collection is also probably one of the top rated knives available at Williams Sonoma (on that note, WS started carrying Kikuchi knives, which felt great in my hand. However, they don't have any sets yet, so I went with my easier option of chef's knife, serrated knife, and paring knife).

Ooo shiny knives...image from Williams Sonoma.
Love love love.

Now. Time to cook. I haven't eaten alllll morning, except for these delicious little pumpkin spice cupcake samples at WS.

Fresh egg noodles + stir-fried beansprouts & green onion + pre-marinated galbi, all from 99 Ranch.

Meat takes the longest time to cook, so I heated up some canola oil in my pan and threw a piece of the galbi on the fire. While that's cooking, time to prep the other goods.

So my take on fresh egg noodles. If you follow at the recommended preparation, you'd boil water, throw the noodles in for 10 seconds, and then rinse it with cold water right after. Seems a bit much for 10 seconds of boiling.

My electric kettle from Target is probably the best $20 I've ever spent. In a few minutes, I get boiling water with no mess and no stress. So for my egg noodles, I placed them in a bowl, turned on the kettle and started chopping up my green onions. After the water boils, I poured just enough hot water to cover the egg noodles in the bowl, stirred the noodles for about 10-15 seconds, and then drained the noodles. Then tossed it back in the bowl. Tada!

I cut the galbi up with scissors and piled it on top of the egg noodles. I used the drippings from the meat to stir-fry the bean sprouts and the green onions.

Tada. Lunch is served. :)

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