Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Very Happy Birthday

Indulgence at its best...

Call it hype, call it a fad, call it what you will, but if you ask me, hands down, Sweet Lady Jane makes the best triple berry cake you ever will taste in Los Angeles. The original location opened on Melrose in Beverly Hills 24 years ago, and the store recently opened a new branch on Montana in Santa Monica. The great part about these cakes is that they are buttery-sweet and light, a thing that is hard to find in most American bakeries around. Personally, I love the Asian-style cakes at most Asian (Korean, Japanese, and Chinese) bakeries around Los Angeles - they're light, they're moist, they're not very sweet

So why would I pay a premium of $20 at SLJ? Well, SLJ employs the same concept, but with more buttery goodness. The frosting is just creamier and indulgent, where you can't help but take another bite. Or two. Or five. Luckily, they make all sizes of cakes, so the best solution for me was to just buy the smaller one so the three of us couldn't gorge on more than just that.

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